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Penn CNG Solutions

Penn CNG Solutions, Inc. is a new company that has been formed by a group of business associates in Central PA to provide vehicle conversions for both gasoline to CNG bi-fuel and diesel to CNG bi-fuel. Propane forklifts can also be converted to operate on CNG. Penn CNG Solutions is partnering with KC Larson to complete the supply chain for this new energy source with vehicle conversions and CNG fueling solutions.

Penn CNG Solutions, Inc.

Fueling a truck with CNG

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Residential, Commercial and Industrial

K.C. Larson is Central Pennsylvania's regional dealer for the BRC FuelMaker brand of CNG Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRA). Our office staff and field mechanics have been trained and certified by BRC Fuelmaker's representatives to provide consultation, design, and complete installation of a CNG refueling station at your home or business. Our CNG market focus is residential, businesses and small to mid-sized commercial refueling stations for fleet vehicles and forklifts.

The number of natural gas vehicles is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. This is mostly in part to the abundant and inexpensive source of natural gas provided by the U.S. shale plays, which Pennsylvania is at the heart of. In anticipation of that growth spurt, compressed natural gas and liquid natural gas stations are sprouting up in the commonwealth and across the nation. In the past, a visit to the gasoline station was normal. Now and in the future, you can fill your CNG vehicles at your home or business or at a nearby CNG public fueling station. To learn more about compressed natural gas, visit CNGnow.

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Incentives are available to install CNG Fueling systems. Click here to learn more about federal incentives and click here to learn about incentives in Pennsylvania.

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